Music fills our hearts' emotions. It is the sound of all things breathing rhythms and melodies everywhere on Mother Earth and beyond. My favorite sounds are from nature, inspiring musical delights in the songs I write.  

The birds were my first band members and I learned a lot from them. I played my guitar and we all sang together.

Music has brought me wonderful experiences of  

playing clubs in Los Angeles, touring parts of Asia, working with wonderful musicians and composing.   My Dad was a fine musician in Jazz from Hawaii. I have a natural feel for Jazz because he always was listening to this music while he took me to school. As I journeyed through music, it was the Reggae vibe I love to play live. The groove is like no other.

I am honored to share this magnificent experience of LIFE.

I give thanks to LIFE and to YOU for your visit.

May we continue to share together as we are all ONE.




LA Cat

LA Cat  

Living for the Consciousness of One Planet, One Race, One Love.

Happy Vibrations!

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